Creative Minds International Academy

"Values-based Education, Academic Excellence and Creative Self-expression"  

Character Development

The development of Positive character is central to everything that we do at Creative Minds International Academy. This is expressed explicitly by our academic curriculum and implicitly in the daily life of our school community. Great sages, philosophers and theologians throughout human history have constantly reminded us that there are two forces at work in human society, the material and the spiritual. If either of these two is neglected or ignored society will at once, become inevitably fragmented and rifts will manifest themselves with increasing force and frequency. Today, we are experiencing a situation of disequilibrium and disharmony. Only the reawakening of the human spirit will save us from our own worst extremes. Therefore, physical wealth and development must go hand in hand with spiritual, moral and ethical wealth.

Our unique curriculum integrates Positive Psychology with Sociology and Neuroscience to maximize student engagement and accomplishment. Through formal classroom instructions, group discussions, interviews and footages of great educators in action, our teachers and students both learn how to integrate character-based objectives into teaching and learning. In our view, character development and content mastery act as the two complementary halves of remarkable teaching. Our Character Development Model explores the interconnection between character research, education, and academic rigor.  As this is helping our students learn and practice positive character attributes, they are not only doing their best, but being their best. As we help to build good character, we are creating strong and better communities built on respect, cooperation, responsibility, honesty, empathy, integrity, justice and teamwork, etc. Our school is part of a larger community that is dedicated to a spirit of non-harming, cooperation and respectful relationships. In all that we do, we are attempting to train our students to lead and to serve; to take responsibility; to acquire self-discipline; and to care for one another.