Creative Minds International Academy

"Values-based Education, Academic Excellence and Creative Self-expression"  

Creative Minds International Academy would like to recognize and appreciate the wonderful support of our  friends, individuals and organizations for their inspiration,encouragement, donations and material assistance to us. Thank you for helping to put our dreams into concrete actions.



Ward Mailliard                       Mary Ann Wilson   

Jim Schuyler                         Jenny Redpath       

Marsha Clark                        John Frediani     

Tenzin N. Tethong                Shannon White Eagle

Randy Taran                        Dayanand John Diffenbaugh

Raphael Ogar Oko                 Robyn Kessler

Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe           Atma Richard Timan

Dr. Garth T.Katner                Jeff Timan





Charity Focus

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Initiative

Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona

The Dalai Lama Foundation

The Love Foundation, Tampa-Florida

The Voices of Angels Foundation